When there’s already great information available, I just point to it!

Laura Dolson’s About.com Low Carb site has several excellent pages on sweeteners, all well worth reading. I recommend signing up for her newsletter.

“Liquid Splenda” and Sugar-Free Syrups

Thoughts on Artificial Sweeteners

Maltitol: Just Say No! Why maltitol is often more trouble than it’s worth. Also see my Candy page for a graphic description of just what happens after eating a single serving of a maltitol-laden product. Warning! Includes explicit language and a graphic image that may offend some!

What Are Sugar Alcohols? Comparisons of most common sugar alcohols. Includes a very useful table ranking sugar alcohols by Glycemic Index (GI), with sweetness and calories/gram of each sugar alcohol.

I’m considering generating a Flatulence Index (FI) for Low Carbohydrate Review if my wife permits the necessary tests. Anything to advance science!

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