Low Carb Banana Bread from LC Foods

Low carb banana bread! – I’ve tried a lot of different “low carb” snacks, some that don’t raise my blood glucose at all and one that causes my blood glucose to skyrocket.

Test Procedure – I started eating each snack at least two hours after eating the previous meal, usually either breakfast or lunch. I had one serving for each Meal Tolerance Test except when testing the Old Fashioned Ginger Spice cookies from Yes! To Cookies, for which a single serving is one cookie. I found this too little for an adequate snack, so I ate two cookies for each MTT.

Test Results – The table below ranks the snacks I tested from top to bottom based on how much they raised my blood glucose. The table also shows the price of a package of the snack, where I bought it and the carb counts claimed by the manufacturer for a single serving. Carb counts are all in grams; CHO is carbohydrate; F+SA is Fiber and Sugar Alcohol.

Snacks Summary

Product Average Increase in Blood Glucose Claimed Carb Count Cost/serving
Manufacturer mg/dL CHO F+SA Net Store
Ginger Spice Cookies

Yes! To Cookies

10 6+4 0 $6.49/10
Banana Bread

LC Foods

8 8 0 $7.98/12
LC Foods
Frozen Fudge Bar

Breyer’s SmartCarb

9 1+5 3 $3.49/6 bars
Chocolate Cake w/Icing

LC Foods

13 12 1 $7.98/9
LC Foods
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin

Dixie Diner

7 3 4 $6.39/12

LC Foods

6 5 1 $7.98/12
LC Foods
The Crisp Bar


7 2 5 $8.99/7

The Winner

The Champ

My blood glucose actually went DOWN an average 6 mg/dl an hour after eating Yes! To Cookies Old Fashioned Ginger Spice. Amazing.

Banana Bread from LC Foods had essentially no effect on my blood glucose on average, and SmartCarb Frozen Fudge Bar from Breyer’s had little effect. LC Food’s Chocolate Cake with frosting, Chocolate Chocolate Muffin from Dixie Diners and LC-Brownies from LC Food all tested under 10 mg/dl average blood sugar increase on average.

Two products had sugar alcohol: Old Fashioned Ginger Spice Cookies from Yes! To Cookies (erythritol, the best sugar alcohol) and SmartCarb Frozen Fudge Bar from Breyer’s (sorbitol). I did not experience excessive flatulence with either of these products.

The Crisp Bar from eat-rite was a real outlier – it raised my blood glucose by nearly 50 mg/dl on average. The significance level of the one-tailed randomization test was just 0.1%, leading to a high degree of confidence that The Crisp Bar really does spike my blood glucose more than the other snacks.

The top three ingredients in The Crisp Bar, which is labelled “low carb”, are puffed rice and corn cereal and marshmallows. These are hardly low carb ingredients. The nutrition data are misleading, to say the least: “Serving size 1, servings 1” One what? 1 bar? There are 7 bars in the package, and I ate one bar for each Meal Tolerance Test. The label says there are 7g total carbs and 2g fiber, or 5g net carbs. Given the exceptional rise in my average blood glucose after 7 MTTs, the real net carbs may be many times the 5g claimed.

The chocolate cake from LC Foods did not taste very chocolaty. The LC Foods banana bread, on the other hand, had a strong banana taste.

The bottom line – Avoid The Crisp Bar from eat-rite. Cookies from Yes! To Cookies, banana bread from LC Foods and Breyer’s CarbSmart frozen fudge bars are carb-safe snacks. I personally favor the banana bread because it tastes great and has no sugar alcohol.

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  1. Dea Roberts

    I didn’t test sugars (not diabetic) but my body seemed to do alright with the low carb, gluten-free Quest Bars mentioned on Jimmy Moore’s show. I needed something for a couple of trips, and I am currently keeping very low carb (under 20g) and must strictly be no gluten, so I haven’t found anything else that fits the bill.

  2. Dianne

    I just learned that Yes! to Cookies has been discontinued by the manufacturer (at least at Sorry to hear that, as they sounded good.

  3. Alexander von

    Great article!


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