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I don’t care whether food is labelled “real”, “organic”, “paleo”, “natural” or “nutritious”. All I care about is whether it causes a spike in my blood glucose. As a diabetic, my dominant dietary problem is blood glucose spikes caused by the carbohydrates I eat. These glucose spikes lead to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hyperinsulinemia (high levels of insulin), and consequently a whole slew of metabolic diseases (obesity, heart disease, strokes, etc.).

My body can’t handle carbs. I think of myself as having a disability: I’m “carbohydrate challenged.”

I’ve found over the 19 years that I’ve been diabetic that the main thing I need to do to control my diabetes and lead a healthy life is to keep carbs to a minimum. In particular, I do not restrict the fats I eat (other than trans fats). I do not limit the saturated fat I eat. Dietary fat is not the problem for diabetics or those prone to metabolic syndrome (as much as half of the population) – dietary carbohydrates that cause our blood glucose to spike are our problem. Contrary to the nonsense promulgated by the dietetic establishment, most dietary fat is good for you and does not make you fat unless eaten with excessive carbohydrate. Neither does dietary fat increase triglycerides or cause the “bad” cholesterol to increase, such as small LDL particles, or HDL (the “good” cholesterol) to go down. High triglyceride levels are directly linked to high carbohydrate consumption. For the science behind this, see the Nutrition and Metabolism Society web site.

I DO care whether food is labelled “low fat” – manufacturers frequently replace fat with carbs, often sugar. If a food is labelled “low fat”, I carefully check the label and make sure there aren’t a lot of added carbs.

In any event, this site focuses on carbohydrate and the effect of exogenous carbohydrate on blood glucose. All the reviews are directed towards finding food products that minimize blood sugar spikes.

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