Dawn phenomenon – Many diabetics have high blood glucose in the morning due to various hormonal actions. Dr. Richard Bernstein recommends no more than 6g of carbohydrate at breakfast to minimize additional increases in blood glucose in the morning.

Two breakfast categories are shown in their own pages: Waffles and Hot Cereal. The results shown below are for all other breakfasts tested, so far just homemade (really) chili soufflé from my own recipe.
Waffles  Hot Cereal

Breakfast Meal Tolerance Test Procedure – All breakfast MTTs were done fasting since the previous night.

Top Breakfasts – The breakfasts that had the lowest effect on my blood glucose levels were all home made from recipes: chili soufflé, hot pumpkin “cereal”, and almond meal waffles. Test results and carb counts (based on my own calculations) for these winners are shown in the table below.

Top Breakfasts Summary

Breakfast Meal Average Increase in Blood Glucose Calculated Carb Count

mg/dl CHO Fiber Net
Chili Souffle with Chorizo, Sour Cream, Salsa and Guacamole


5 2 3
Low-Carb Pancakes – Almond Meal


12 6 6
Hot Pumpkin Cereal


13 7 6

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