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Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics Commends Strong, Evidence-Based Dietary Guidelines Report

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WOW! A 180! Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics Commends Strong, Evidence-Based Dietary Guidelines Report! Great news! No mention of avoiding meat!

Low Carb Ground Beef Recipes

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Judy Barnes Baker posted 15 low carb ground beef recipes to her Carb Wars Blog on Tuesday. I can’t wait to try them all out when I get back from the Low Carb Cruise!

Great TEDx Talk

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I just watched a great TEDx talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Starts with Ignoring the Guidelines. I was alerted to it by the Diet Doctor newsletter,

Outrageous E-mail from WebMD

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I am on the WebMD diabetes mail list just to see the latest appalling advice they are giving diabetics.

Today was special – the subject of the e-mail was “Why High Blood Sugar Is Bad for You”. At the top of the article:

“How Blood Sugar Affects Your Health”
“Why are high blood sugars so bad for you? How much sugar in the blood is too much? What are good sugar levels, anyway?”
” • Preventing Blood Sugar Emergencies
” • Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes
” • Diabetes and Long-Term Complications”

I clicked through to “Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes” and, lo and behold, found that diabetics should be eating more “Breads, grains, and other starches” than anything else!

Low Carbohydrate Review is now on-line!

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Low Carbohydrate Review is a consumers guide to low carb products. Many claim to minimize changes in blood sugar; some succeed, some claims don’t hold up. I found out which really work for me by doing multiple Meal Tolerance Tests (MTTs).

It’s taken me a long time to collect the data for this site: over 300 MTTs so far on dozens of products. I’m getting pretty tired of grilled cheese sandwiches! I plan to keep adding tests for other products.

While I follow a very low carb diet to manage my diabetes, I have tried to make this site useful to anyone following a low carb lifestyle. The top foods identified here may minimize blood glucose spikes for others who have insulin resistance.

I hope this site helps the manufacturers of effective low carb products by alerting people to what works and what does not. Some of the best products – Banana Bread from LC-Foods, Yes to Cookies, Homestyles Chili (I’ve been collecting data on this chili and will add a review soon) – are made by small entrepreneurs. If we start buying more of their products, they will be able to bring their prices down and eventually help bring low carb into the mainstream.

I will be at the Nutrition and Metabolism Society Symposium on Saturday and Sunday, and on the Low Carb Cruise next month. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends in the low carb community again, and will be asking everyone for comments on my new web site!

  • Got a Request?

    I’m a very busy guy with the site, but if you have a special request for an item that should be tested, let me know. I’ll see if I can squeeze it in on a future date.