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Who I Am – I am Gary Noreen, also know as YODA. I have been Type 2 diabetic for 19 years. I read Dr. Bernstein’s book soon after I was diagnosed and quickly found that the low carb diet he promoted was effective for treating my diabetes.

I have no formal training in nutrition beyond a couple of hours of class soon after I was diagnosed. I am an engineer retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology in 2010. In my 20 years at JPL, I worked on numerous advanced interplanetary mission studies and Deep Space Network studies as a Telecommunications Engineer, a Telecommunications Architect and a Systems Architect. I also started a satellite radio venture and have four issued patents and one pending patent in the field of telematics.

I am personally responsible for all the information and analysis and opinions on this web site.

Brook Collins of Larks and Bells designed and constructed the web site.

Are you getting any money from this site? No. I purchased all the food and test gear myself. I have no connection with any food company.

Why YODA? YODA was my KGB code name in the cold war. I was a double agent – my FBI code name was Beethoven. True story.

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